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Past & Present Tense book

Past & Present Tense is a collaboration between Kristine Thompson and Johanna Warwick. The limited edition book is a reflection on loss and memorialization as experienced on a personal, cultural, and global scale. The photographs, which include those made by the artists to those sourced from personal and public archives, suggest how the past continues to be felt in the present. The book’s structure is based on a call and response between the artists and weaves together images of death, family members, the southern United States, natural and man-made disasters, and the materials we use to collect and remember.

standard edition, limited to 100 copies 
64 pages 
8 ¼ x 6 ¼ 
Risograph-printed in Blue, Black, and Metallic Gold 
Bronze Wire-O Binding, embossed cover
published by theretherenow. (Columbia, Missouri) 2018


Images Seen to Images Felt book

The artist book Images Seen to Images Felt was produced in conjunction with the exhibition Touching Pictures at Antenna Gallery (New Orleans)It features recent photographic work by Kristine Thompson that examines how images of death, violence, and mourning circulate publicly. The images in the book existed originally as photograms (one-of-a-kind prints) made when light sensitive photographic paper was pressed up to the artist's laptop screen in a darkroom. Bypassing a traditional film and negative printing process, they are direct impressions of pictures that Thompson has collected from a range of online newspapers. Altered by the amount of pressure applied as the paper makes contact with the screen, these virtual photos were turned into tangible prints to advocate for a slower, more deliberate way of viewing contemporary individuals and circumstances that we often scroll past. Collectively, the prints from this series (and this book), become an archive of ongoing violence and the grieving that follows.  Text by Muriel Leung.

Edition of 200 copies

90 pages

Perfect binding, letterpress cover 
published by Antenna's Paper Machine (New Orleans, Louisiana) 2018


Suggested Reading

This boxed set accompanied the exhibition Suggested Reading, a survey of visual art that was inspired by specific literary texts and took place at the Fellows of Contemporary Art (FOCA) gallery in Los Angeles. The show featured the work of LA-based artists Marya Alford, Candice Lin, Jay Lizo, Catherine Lord, and Marco Rios. The box includes individual booklets for each artist that feature text by contemporary writers who respond to their work: Sarah Balcomb on Marya Alford, Teresa Carmody on Catherine Lord, Daniel Hockenson on Jay Lizo, Douglas Kearney on Candice Lin, Benjamin Weissman on Marco Rios, an excerpt of Moyra Davey’s text The Problem of Reading, a curatorial introduction, and biographies of the participants.

Edition of 50

Includes 8 folded booklets and 10 laser print photographs in each box. Design by Hazel Mandujano

self published (Los Angeles, CA), 2010